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Have a service need? Get offers from companies and freelancers in one app!
Linkio helps connect those in need of a service with ANYONE who can provide that service. We’re bridging the gap between talented individuals in need of extra cash and budget-conscious people in need of help with everyday tasks.
Landy Abreus
CEO @ Linkio
Public Launch March 6
100 min
Held in Escrow & Refundable. Linkio must raise $50,000 to get funded. Wefunder Portal LLC can refund upon request while funds are in escrow.

Make. Save. Enjoy!


We do not have categories at LinkIO. Whether you are a school teacher, a retired grandma, a college student, or as we like to call you, a unique person (what a concept!) you can find the least expected request at LinkIO and be able to do it. Simply open LinkIO and make an offer to those around you who need your help.

make an offer

You’re more talented than what you think!!! Those talents/knacks can be making you money!!! We believe that everyone should take advantage of that, and now with LinkIO you can! Go ahead and browse LinkIO, we’re sure you’ll find something right up your alley to make money or maybe even inspire you to finish the honey do list.

Your OFFER...Your MONEY!!!

LinkIO allows everyone to see (for FREE) what jobs are out there. You set your own price when you make an offer and when accepted, you always get paid 100% of it. Let’s review: Make offer for $20 = Get paid $20…Make offer for $100 = Get paid $100. Make offer for…okay, I’m sure you got it :)


Convenience at lower prices. Your provider is one click away. Learn More

Providers at Pro level make more

We have three levels of providers (Basic, Plus & Pro)

If you want to make more money, keep a rating greater than 4.5 and become a Pro!Fall between 4.0 and 4.4 (Plus), and you will be required to make offers 10% lower than Pros. And what happens when you fall under 4.0 (Basic)? Well, you will be required to make offers 20% lower than Pros.

We all need something to be done...
Just open the app and post what you need done . In seconds you will start receiving multiples offers to choose from.  Oh, and remember, at LinkIO now means NOW!!!..So if you need something done immediately, you will get it too. Get the help you need, at the moment you need it and at the price you want to pay!


Artificial Intelligence facial recognition with intelligent ID matching and authentication on every user. Background check on every Provider. Real-time job-in-progress monitoring.





When you get your offers, you can review the providers’ profiles. There you can see what skills they have, what other customers are saying, view pictures of previous jobs, you can even see if your friends like them! A virtual “friend who knows a friend” at your fingertips. You even have to sign at the time of completion that the job was finished to your specifications. Quality to a different level!