Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Providers

Q: How do I become a Provider?

Found something that can make you money…first things FIRST!!! Become a provider… You can become a provider through many on LinkIO:
     1. Make an offer
     2. Select the profile icon on the icon bar
     3. Side menu
     4. Select on notifications icon on homepage
     5 .Tap on the Orders icon

Q: How can I add/remove skills?

You can edit your skill set by selecting the notifications icon at the top of the homepage. Once there you can select specific skills that interest you in order for you to receive job notifications exclusively in line with your skills.

Q: What are "Due Now" jobs?

Due Now jobs are Due NOW!!! When clients post Due Now jobs they are expecting jobs to be done ASAP.

Q: What are "Time Flexible" jobs?

Flexible jobs mean that the client is flexible as to when the job is to be completed.

Q: What are "Scheduled" jobs?

Scheduled jobs mean that the client has a specific date and time for the job to be completed.

Q: How can I ask question about the job posted?

There may be initial questions about the job that many providers may have. In order to not overwhelm the client from answering the same question over and over there is an open chat per post that is visible to everyone on the LinkIO.

Once an offer has been accepted, providers and clients can have a private chat regarding the job.

Q: How do I make my first offer?

Congratulations! We are excited that you have decided to make your first offer. Go ahead and select the job from the home screen that you’d like to make an offer and select “Make Offer”. You’ll be able to submit your offer while knowing what the current offer is, your distance to the job and estimated time of arrival to the location. Only make offers on jobs that you can complete with high quality.

If not already registered as a provider, you can select the job and are ready to make an offer, you will have to authorize acknowledge and pass a background check conducted by Checkr.

Q: What happens when my offer is accepted?

Congratulations! Now that your offer (for a Due NOW job) has been accepted, you have 5 minutes to get your things ready and be on your way. The app will automatically follow your GPS location allowing the client to know how far away you are and when to expect you.

When you arrive to the job location, the app will automatically update the status of the job to “Arrived”.

Q: How do I notify the app that I have completed the job?

Once you finish the job, you’ll have the option within your app to “Complete” the job and then you’ll receive an acknowledgement screen in order to have the client sign for the job completion where they will acknowledge that the job has been completed to their specifications. 

Q: Why do I rate my client?

At LinkIO we believe that holding everyone accountable for their time on the app is instrumental to maintaining a strong network of clients and providers. We ask providers to rate the clients as well in an attempt to keep quality fair and standard across the app.

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2. Clients

Q: Where do I go to see offers for my job?

Congratulations you’ve posted your first job! Now it’s time to start getting offers from nearby providers. Select the Orders icon (2 people shaking hands) from the icon bar or on the side menu. Once you’re on the Orders tab, you’ll be able to tap on the “Getting Offers” button to see offers for each job you posted.

Q: Why am I receiving offers from 3 different provider levels?

LinkIO shows you the best offer within each provider level (Basic, Plus, and Pro). There may be a circled number on each provider level, which means more than one offer has been submitted within that provider level.

Q: What do the different Provider levels mean?

LinkIO has three different provider levels: Basic, Plus and Pro. Basic providers have ratings that are < 4.0 and have to submit offers that are at least 20% less than Pro providers. Plus providers have their ratings between 4.0 and 4.5 and have to submit offers that are 10% less than Pro providers. Pro providers have ratings that are > 4.5 and can submit offers of any value. ***All providers start at the Plus provider level until they have successfully completed 5 jobs. At this point the value of the ratings will determine their provider level. ***

Q: Where can I access my profile?

Your profile is accessible by tapping on the Profile icon on the icon bar or by tapping your name on the side menu.

Q: What information is in my profile?

Your profile houses all of the necessary information such as:
     1. Profile picture
     2. Address
     3. Phone Number
     4. Description 
     5. Email
     6. Licenses/Certifications
     7. Payment information
     8. Direct deposit information
     9. Notification preferences
    10. Change PIN
    11. Change Language
    12. Get Help
    13. Legal Documents
    14. Logout

Q: How can I edit/add my method of payment?

Tap on the Profile icon > Payment Accounts > Payment Information > Options > Debit/Credit cards or Apple Pay.

Q: Where can I track my job after I have accepted an offer?

Access your in progress jobs from the Orders icon or the Orders tab in the side menu. From here, you’ll be able to track the status of your job as:
     1. Offer Accepted
     2. Provider on their way
     3. Provider arrived
     4. Job Completed

Q: How can I add additional services to an existing job?

You can add additional services to your existing job while the provider is present by tapping the “Add Service” icon within your “In Progress” tab.

Q: How can I add supplies needed to an existing job?

You can add supplies to your existing job by tapping the “Add Supplies” icon within your “In Progress” tab.

Q: Is there anything else to do once a job has been completed?

Congratulations! You had your job completed. Now its time to sign off on your job and rate your provider. Your provider will hand over a signature page on their phone. This is to make sure you can sign off on the job and that it is up to you satisfaction and expectations. Once you sign off on the job completion, you’ll have the option to rate your provider on a 5 star scale (5 being the very best).

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