Make an offer

It's easy to make an offer and completely free. Here's how...

1. Tap on the job that you can do with quality from the home screen.

2. Send your best offer! Make sure your offer is fair and then tap on the "Make Offer" button.

Easy, right? Now it’s only a matter of time you have to wait for before the client accepts your offer.

Your Offer... Your money!

You can't believe it, but your offer is your Money. We don't charge any fees.
We believe It's time that providers get paid the whole amount for their services.

Remember Your Offer, Your Money!

Let's talk about the Provider's summary. Tap on the LinkIO logo icon at the top of the home screen. Once you get there, you can see your daily log and your weekly earnings.

levels of providers

Let's talk about the Provider's level. All Providers start at a Plus level. What Provider level you will end up in will depend on you. After ten completed jobs with ratings between 4.5 and 5, you become a Pro. However, what happens if you get ratings under 4.0?. OOPS! You fall to Basic. Does it matter to be in different Providers levels? Yes, of course! Plus Providers are required to make offers 10% lower than Pro Providers. Basic providers are required to make offers 20% lower than Pro Providers. We HIGHLY recommend that you send offers to jobs that you can complete with high quality.